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The Company

Thrie is a tech company that transforms global technologies into everyday services for local enrichment.
With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we reshape and enhance leading cutting-edge technologies from around the world into seamlessly integrated daily services for diverse regions.


To bridge the gap between leading world innovations and local communities, fostering connections and enhancing everyday living experiences.

Our Values

Our strength lies not just in our technology, but in the values that guide our team. They form the backbone of our culture, shaping our decisions, driving our actions and fostering a supportive environment. Our values serve as a compass steering us toward our mission while promoting integrity, positivity and innovation in all that we do.

Meet The Team

Okereke Ikenna

Founder | thrie

After completing his Masters, Okereke Ikenna embarked on a journey into entrepreneurship, founding 77carservices in Lagos. This venture proved to be a success, employing over 34 individuals. 

Recognizing an opportunity to establish an innovative ride-hailing company capable of competing with industry giants like Uber and Bolt, Okereke aimed to combine advanced technology with a commitment to job creation, lower driver fees, and societal improvement. Additionally, he envisioned enhancing driver welfare by introducing Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO).

Mr. Kanu

Product Manager | thrie

Kanu is a seasoned operations professional and project manager with over a decade of experience cutting across multiple industries especially in logistics. He holds a Master’s degree in Telecoms Engineering and is very passionate about using technology to solve problems.

Thrie is a ride-hailing app created to simplify everyday transport through innovative, easy-to-use tools.

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