Brand Guidelines

Welcome to our hub for Thrie brand guidelines. You can use this site to familiarize yourself with our brand material and how to use it.

Thrie marks include the word Thrie, the Thrie logo,Thrie Food, Thrie Drive and any word, slogan, logo, or other sign that indicates the source or origin of any of our products and services.

To use Thrie marks and assets, you need a) written permission from Thrie, and Mnnox) to follow these guidelines.

We take our intellectual property protection seriously. Please use Thrie marks accurately and not in a misleading manner. If you have a separate agreement with Thrie governing the use of the Thrie marks, then that agreement applies.

We reserve the right to withhold, alter, or cancel these permissions at any time, at our discretion.

By using the Thrie marks, you agree to the following:

  • The Thrie marks ownership rights belong to Thrie. You can’t register or claim rights to the Thrie marks — including as a trademark, company name, trade name or domain name identical or similar to the Thrie marks.
  • You can’t use the Thrie marks in a way that could be detrimental to Thrie. This includes any manner that could lead to dilution, damage to, or loss of reputation of the Thrie marks.
  • Depending on how you use Thrie marks, we may apply fees.
  • Any goodwill derived from your use of the Thrie marks accrues to Thrie.
  • You can’t change the Thrie marks in any way — including their elements and proportions.
  • You can’t give the impression that you are Thrie, or that your service is created, endorsed, or supported by Thrie.
  • You can’t use other trademarks (including your own) or any visual elements in close combination with the Thrie marks. Always display your names and trademarks more prominently than the Thrie marks.
  • Always include the following trademark notice in all materials: The Thrie name and logo are trademarks of Thrie Limited or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  • You can’t use the Thrie marks for anything that would be contrary to Thrie’s  Terms and Conditions.

Thrie is a ride-hailing app created to simplify everyday transport through innovative, easy-to-use tools.

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