Pay by card, terminal & cash

Thrie customers can pay as they please — by card, terminal or cash. Don’t fancy working with cash at all? Simply turn off the “cash” option in the My hub.


Coupons & referral programs

Attracting new users to your app is easy with the right tools. Inbuilt referral programs help inviting new users, and discount coupons are there to increase active customers’ loyalty.


SOS button & documents

People love feeling safe, especially during a taxi ride. Give them this feeling with the SOS button and document verification.

Passengers can add up to three stops before or during the trip. It’s very convenient and increases the average order value.

The trip cost recalculates automatically if passengers swap stops or delete them.


Favorite addresses

The Thrie customer app shows favorite addresses directly on the main screen. Creating an order is even easier now — it only takes seconds!



Pre-ordering a cab is a feature many customers adore. It’s a must for a business working with on-demand booking software. It gives them space to plan and ensure everything works like clockwork. In the Thrie customer app, they can preorder any chosen service type with a few taps.


Additional Services

There’s a simple recipe for a happier customer. Give them exactly what they want: fresh air in the cab, a child seat, nice music, or comfortable silence. In your customer app, users can select any additional services.


Order status notifications

The Thrie customer app informs users about the order status with notifications. We’ve designed those with close attention to human vision. Large font, vibrant colors, and animated patterns — notifications that just cannot be missed.

Calls & messages

Connect with drivers

Your passengers can call or message their drivers instantly. Communication buttons are always at hand.

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